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Superior Craftsmanship

We wanted to use superior craftsmanship in all aspects of the product using only U.S. made materials. From that philosophy we partnered with Rocky’s Reels to provide a high quality reel system using coated steel and providing a 5-year warranty. The covers also come with a 5-year warranty and have been designed to withstand the elements, and still be light enough so one person can easily manage the roll-on/roll-off process.

Cover Options

REEL EZ Boat Cover is a quick on and off cover to be used primarily during the active boating season. It is designed to protect 90% of your boat from sun, debris and natural elements. This design provides space for air to circulate and prevent mold, mildew, and odor. This design will speed-up the drying process if any water gets in.

This cover is made in the USA with the highest quality materials.
You have the option of choosing Pacific Blue or Taupe. All covers are 30 feet in length and you need to choose the width according to your boat width.

Simplicity Is The Key

The REEL EZ Boat Cover generally requires attaching the cover using only 8-12 snaps instead of over 75 (of other boat covers) with the use of 0-2 universal adjustable poles. When it is rolled up and not in use, it is neatly stored on the reel system; no need to remember which end is the front or back of the cover. The “breathe through” design allows air to flow through the boat to help dry it and prevent mildew.

Engineered to Adapt to Your Configuration

We developed the “snap straps” as a way to attach the cover to the boat using the grommets sewn into the cover material. The adjustable “snap straps” allow for 3 different methods of attachment: using the existing boat snaps, looping the “snap straps” around a cleat or something similar or looping the “snap strap” though a nylon coated “J” hook to fasten to the bottom lip of the boat.

Package Contents

Tools Needed


Please check the width measurement of your boat from the outside of the left and right railings.If there are any items on your boat that are higher than the rails other than a small windshield at the pilot's seat, please let us know. 

The predetermined widths of the cover correspond to the boat width. It will probably leave some openings on part of the upholstered furnishing. If you wish for a wider cover or a custom cut, please call for pricing.

Boat Cover Praise

I had been looking for a new solution to quickly cover my new pontoon boat and I found it in The Reel EZ boat cover system. Very easy to pull the cover and snap it on. When your ready to take the boat out just unsnap and reel in the cover. It was worth the investment.  

  Rob Fulford  
Verified Owner   


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