World's Easiest Boat Cover


Save Time

Boat owners can cover and uncover their boat in 3 minutes.


Our light weight design makes it easy for one or two people.

Easy Snaps

There are only 10 - 12 Snaps for Quick and Easy Attachment.

Easy to Store

Stress-free Self-Storage.

No More Folding

No Fold and No Mess with our roll-on/roll-off system.


The REEL EZ Boat Cover is the affordable solution for any pontoon boat owner.

Less Time On The Dock & More Time On The Water

Learn More By Watching Our Video

Patent Pending | Simple & Easy Boat Cover 

Welcome to REEL EZ Boat Cover. Home of the World's Easiest Boat Cover. Our Patent Pending cover enables boat enthusiasts to spend less time on the dock, and more time on the water.

Our simple roll on / roll out cover is considered to be the most user friendly cover on the market. This quick cover typically saves an average of 30+ minutes covering your boat.

How long does it take to cover you boat with the REEL EZ Cover?

Less than 3 minutes. 

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Are you ready to spend less time on the dock and more time on the water?

What Our Customers Say

I had been looking for a new solution to quickly cover my new pontoon boat and I found it in The Reel EZ boat cover system. Very easy to pull the cover and snap it on. When your ready to take the boat out just unsnap and reel in the cover. It was worth the investment.  

  Rob Fulford  
Verified Owner   


Installed and used our REEL EZ Boat Cover for the first time this weekend. Easy to follow instructions and well fitting parts made assembly simple. We are very happy with it! 

Rick Scheibal  
Verified Owner 

We absolutely LOVE our new Reel Ez boat cover!! Our girls can take it off and put it on in just minutes! What use to take us a lengthy time to get out on the water or close up for the weekend has turned out to be just minutes for our family!! Thank you Sue and Ray for inventing such an amazing cover that allows for much more family time on the water! 

Tish Holt Hamilton
 Verified Owner    

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